We are

Incipit is a B2B service provider DEDICATED TO PEOPLE EXPERIENCE and a technology provider for FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT.

Our core focus is on developing new actions that foster interactions between the brand, customer and employee.

Our values:



This means to look beyond the horizon to a future where challenges can be turned into opportunities.

To innovate means viewing the world through fresh eyes, standing out, identifying new consumer needs, and introducing products and services that meet the needs of a changing world, offering the best commercial and operational solutions.


It serves as a catalyst for creativity, a spontaneous drive that fuels artistic and intellectual creation, giving rise to improvised ideas.

Defining inspiration can be a challenging task which, recalling a past literary success, can be traced back to the poetic concept of going where the heart takes you.

That is, to trust and follow your instincts.


The concept of integration is widely used today. Few people dwell on the true meaning of the term, which involves breaking down and understanding different realities and then harmoniously combining them within a new unified reality.

This unified entity, derived from the integration of numerous components, when given the proper value, yields a strength far greater than the components themselves taken individually and added together.


We thrive on transforming data into powerful actions to create successful experiences.

Our commitment to excellence and the establishment of sustainable and inclusive business practices contribute to building a better world.

Through daily listening, we strengthen the relationships between our brands, customers and people.