Design and management of Customer Experience Projects

We work with you to build an integrated system of strategies and organisational structures to strengthen customer relationships and foster loyalty.

After listening to customers and analysing the Customer Experience data, we are dedicated to taking action and providing support by:

  • defining priorities and managing improvement sites
  • implementing new technologies and developing new processes

Our team of experts conducts in-depth data analysis and offers guidance in managing your CX improvement sites.

Workshops to build customer journeys

The Customer Journey is like a ‘storyboard’ that covers the entire customer experience, from purchase to post-purchase.

Each point of contact, or ‘touchpoint,’ plays a vital role in shaping the overall customer experience.

Understanding this journey is essential for developing a successful Feedback strategy and Customer Experience.

Our in-house collaborative workshops process qualitative and quantitative data to help you gain clear insights into the journeys and expectations of customers.

Training on Customer Experience and Employee Experience.

Spread the culture of customer experience throughout your organisation. We create tailored training courses and customised presentations based on results emerging from listening to feedback, ensuring active engagement of operational staff.

We organise tutoring and coaching workshops focused on creating better people experiences, and we create video case studies to help your company become more customer-oriented.

Structuring of strategic reporting and international communication

We perform advanced data analysis and provide assistance in interpreting strategic data. Proprietary algorithms are employed to identify priorities and impacts of improvement actions.

We assist you in calculating the ROI of People Experience projects and prioritising your program.

We launch internal communication projects to involve your business in consistently improving customer experience, employee experience and company objectives.