Capture the emotional aspect of success by going beyond the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and using the Net Emotional Score (NES) to revolutionise your business.

When it comes to customer experience management, the first questions we ask ourselves are: “What is the main KPI?”, “Which indicator should we look at?”, “Which one is the best?” In reality, the answers are not always clear-cut and sometimes the oversimplification of specific KPIs leads to a loss of detail, whereas a successful CX […]

Corporate wellness: investing in worker and customer satisfaction

There is a lot of discussion regarding Corporate Wellness. Although it may appear contradictory, it is actually something that has the potential to generate immense value. Reflecting on several recent employee experience projects, I noticed that this is both a hot topic and a very complex one While companies invest in corporate wellness, the expected […]

The Digital Customer Experience will make the world a better place!

Our digital experiences are escalating, making it increasingly vital for both companies and users to take notice! A strong commitment in this direction is crucial not only for businesses but also for the overall well-being and quality of our daily lives. Just think about the numerous interactions we have with digital channels daily, which elicit […]

<strong>Zero party data: let’s play together with the customer!</strong>

Companies desire it, marketers covet it, and some users want to protect it. No, it’s not a riddle, and yes, we are talking about the data millions of people leave online every day. This data forms the foundation of effective marketing, and its significance has grown with each passing year, elevating its value. However, acquiring […]

<strong>The Integrated Digital Workplace: a New Superpower for Companies</strong>

Have you ever wondered how a #digitalworkplace could enhance your company’s performance? If you’re unfamiliar with this expression, don’t worry; it doesn’t involve adding a new professional to your team or diving into the Metaverse à la Zuckerberg. Instead, it is a strategic approach “aimed at fostering an innovative and effective way of working, improving […]

Personas Experience and how to build it in the Martech Era with AI – Artificial Intelligence

In marketing, it is strategic to understand the reasons behind the product choices of customers and their expectations in order to effectively target offers to them. By understanding why our products are considered and purchased, we establish a solid groundwork for designing and implementing marketing and communication strategies. Our customer base is not limited to […]

How to build an effective feedback management program and find valuable information

While there are various ways to invest time and resources in gathering and analysing indirect customer information from online reviews, comments, emails, or even phone conversations, undoubtedly, surveys – or polls to use a more popular term – are the most effective tool for building valuable customer knowledge. Let’s start by delving into the etymological […]

What we must know about our customer

Listening to the customer’s voice and managing feedback have received significant attention in recent years, as evidenced by increased business investments and the emergence of new data management tools. The advancement of feedback management technologies has been driven by the need to gather customer feedback from an expanding number of domains, interactions and touchpoints, combined […]